The Art of Significance

Published in 2013 by Dan Clark

We’re socialized from birth to pursue success at all costs. Day after day, we build our careers and our personal lives around getting what we want. But Dan Clark thinks we’re missing something important: the difference between success and significance.

For example, successful people think wealth flows to them. Significant people know wealth flows through them. The successful say “knowledge is power.” The significant realize that knowledge has no heart - that reason leads to conclusions but emotion leads to action.

Clark offers a unique blend of psychological insights, historical examples, military stories, and personal experiences in a collection of essays that will help readers improve not merely their financial and career performance, but their human performance as well. With powerful, emotionally stirring, and entertaining illustrations, Dan’s eloquence will take you from where you are to where you want to be!


CMSAF Message

As Airmen, we serve a cause greater than ourselves. Clark teaches us that if we pursue significance, we can move forward and accomplish greatness throughout our lives.

Dan Clark

About The Author

Dan Clark is the CEO of Clark Success Systems, an international consulting firm; a university professor; an award winning athlete who fought his way back from a paralyzing injury and one of the most sought-after speakers on the platform today. He has appeared on more than five hundred television and radio programs and spoken to more than 4 million people in more than 4,500 audiences, in 52 countries, on 6 continents.