Reading List

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List


Skunk Works

by Ben R. Rich & Leo Janos

Innovation has always been a keystone of the U.S. military, and nowhere is this more apparent than the evolution of stealth aircraft technology.  A staunch partnership between the Air Force and our industry partners started with a bold quest—make an attack aircraft with the radar cross section of a marble.  Today, we have unmatched 5th generation fighters, and our B-21 Raider will take stealth into the next century.  We must get comfortable thinking outside the box and innovating daily … this book sets the tone.


Thank You for Being Late

by Thomas L. Friedman

The rate of technological and social change around the globe is unprecedented, and our young Airmen thrive in this dynamic environment.  Information is presented to us at a speed and volume that can often be overwhelming.  We must have an appreciation for these changes taking place around us, so we can leverage this understanding increase our lethality and warfighting advantages.  This book provides a great perspective, in the right context, as we acknowledge and grasp the environment changing in our midst.