The Go-Giver

Bob Burg and John David Mann

Overview: Some of the most important lessons about life, personal conduct, relationships, and right and wrong, we learn from the stories we hear as children. A good story will engage more than raw statistics or facts do; it will evoke our emotions and cause us to personalize the precepts that are presented. But, this is generally true only with a good story, and that is what Burg and Mann have given us. The Go-Giver tells a parable about a young man hungry for success and desperate to achieve it within a week. Using the story of Joe and his interaction with an improbable mentor and a cast or remarkably successful people, the authors lead the reader to discover, along with Joe, the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success (123). Readers will find, as many others have, that the book and its laws are extremely useful in every facet of life. To facilitate the reader’s experience to enable understanding that hopefully leads to movement from just thinking about it to actually applying it, the authors have included a “Q&A with the Authors” section (135) and “A Go-Giver Discussion Guide.” To aid in applying these laws to a military context, the following thoughts are also offered: