Attitudes Aren’t Free: Thinking Deeply about Diversity in the US Armed Forces

by James E. Parco and David A. Levy

Overview: According to Gen John A. Shaud, PhD, USAF, Retired, this book “offers a framework for improving policy in the areas of religious expression, open homosexuality, race, gender, ethics, and other current issues affecting military members. Parco and Levy provide us with a unique and robust discussion of divisive topics that everyone thinks about but rarely discuss.” Gen Bill Looney, USAF, Retired says, “It is imperative that those within DOD understand the rationale and passion generated by the contemporary social issues expressed in this book….It is required reading for every national security professional.” The specific social issues that our nation will face varies with time but the ability to rationally discuss them and their implications for the military and national defense will continue to be essential. This tome starts the discussion and provides a model for approaching future issues in a fair and critical way.