• In His Country's Service

    In His Country's Service

    by Maxin McCaffrey

    At the request of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this painting was commissioned as a memorial to the Prisoners of War and Missing in North Vietnam. In their nominating
    the POW as the Military Outstanding Young Man of the Year, the Joint Chiefs hoped to draw attention to the need for American citizens to rally to their plight and help secure their release.

  • Ordinance Group Loading GBU-24B

    Ordinance Group Loading GBU-24B

    by Douglas Smith

    Ordinance Group at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. A timed exercise loading a GBU - 24B on an F-15E (336 Fighter Squadron) March 25, 2004.

  • Reaper Over Afghanistan

    Reaper Over Afghanistan

    by Paul Rendel

    The combat proven Reaper unmanned aircraft flies long endurance surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions while streaming real time imagery to anywhere in the world.

  • Fight or Flight

    Fight or Flight

    by Adam Tarmy

    A World War II pilot gathering his nerves in preparation for a dangerous mission. This painting attempts to show the intense emotional conflict that often accompanies the bravery for which these pilots were known.