Hit the Target: Eight Men Who Led the Eighth Air Force to Victory Over the Luftwaffe

Published in 2015 by Bill Yenne   

With an entertaining mix of personal stories of mischief, bravado, and well-deserved honor, Bill Yenne brings to life Air Force heroes teaching us lessons still applicable today. Jimmy Doolittle, Tooey Spaatz, and Ira Eaker rose to immortality in the history of the USAF as the Airmen of the Greatest Generation and as commanders of the Eighth Air Force. Their stories of excellence are interwoven with equally impressive storiesof Memphis Belle pilot Bob Morgan; Rosie Rosenthal of the “Bloody Hundredth;” the fifth CSAF, Curtis Lemay; USAAF Ace Hub Zemke; and the original Airman Snuffy, Medal of Honor recipient Maynard Smith. Through the trials and tribulations of a World War, these Airmen ultimately found victory and set an enduring example of service and perseverance for today’s Airmen.

Bill Yenne

About The Author

Bill Yenne is the author of more than three dozen non-fiction books, as well as ten novels, including the popular Bladen Cole Westerns. General Wesley Clark called Mr. Yenne’s biography of Alexander the Great, the “best yet,” while The New Yorker wrote of Sitting Bull, his biography of the great Lakota leader, that it “excels as a study in leadership.” General Craig McKinley, president of the Air Force Association, wrote that in Mr. Yenne’s Hap Arnold: The General Who Invented the US Air Force, he had done “a superior job helping the reader better understand General Arnold both as an individual and as a military leader.”.