Published in 2015 by Walter Laqueur

Whether there will be a great power war in our future rests more with the decision making of Vladimir Putin than any other single person on the planet.  The Secretary of the Air Force and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have called Russia the Nation’s greatest existential threat.  It is no secret that Russia is developing a formidable array of aviation, anti-aviation, space, anti-space, and cyber tools.  How they use those tools to advance their perceived interests depends, in large part, on Putin’s perception of the West.  Laqueur provides an approachable, yet broad, understanding of the Russian leader.

Walter Laqueur

About The Author

Walter Ze'ev Laqueur (born 26 May 1921) is an American historian and political commentator. The topics he has written about include the German Youth Movement, Zionism, Israeli history, the cultural history of the Weimar Republic and Russia, Communism, the Holocaust, fascism, and the diplomatic history of the Cold War. He was one of the founders of the study of political violence, guerrilla warfare and terrorism.