2LT Ryan Novack

Active Duty, Flight Engineer

  • Hometown: Aurora, Illinois
  • Current Location: Anderson AFB, Guam
  • Injury or Illness: Spinal Cord
  • Location Injury Occurred: Yigo, Guam

A little about Me

Second Lieutenant Ryan Novack was commissioned in the Air Force in 2015 as a Materiel officer. He leads production efforts for 185 Airmen responsible for managing accountability and reliability of munitions in the Air Force’s largest conventional munitions stockpile supporting Pacific Air Force operations. Lt. Novack is ranked as the top 2nd Lieutenant out of 13 in his maintenance group, winning accolades and praise from his leadership who say, “Ryan’s off to a running start.” He was enrolled in AFW2 following a recreational bike accident that initially left him fully paralyzed after he burst-fractured his T12 vertebrae. Now he has enough mobility to walk but still suffers partial paralysis below his knees. He feels his involvement with AFW2 helped saying, “Under civilian care I was recovering in body but being around my brothers and sisters in arms has really started the emotional and spiritual healing.” He goes on to say, “Representing the Air Force is a real honor; I couldn’t be prouder to stand beside such driven and inspiring men and women.”

Awards and Decorations

  •   Global War on Terrorism
  •   AF Training Ribbon
  •   National Defense Service Medal