SrA Hannah Stolberg

Active Duty, Contracting

  • Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
  • Injury or Illness: PTSD

A little about Me

Senior Airmen Hannah Stolberg enlisted in the Air Force Oct 2010 as a Contracting Officer that delivers strategic sourcing, acquisition support, and ensures contractual compliance with applicable procurement regulations, policies, and directives within federal statutes. A notable accomplishment for SA Stolberg is she aced her Contracting Officer exam; earning 92% first time up! After her injury she felt broken and confused. All that changed when she attended an Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) adaptive sports camp. She had been told of all the things she couldn’t do because of her injury and at AFW2 sport camp she was encouraged to adapt and overcome obstacles, set and accomplish goals, and rely on your warrior team family. It all started with wheelchair basketball and she was on her way to becoming a champion. SA Stolberg is representing the Air Force team in swimming and archery. Her service dog Valhalla, which means Viking Spirit, is always by her side with barks of cheer and praise.

Awards and Decorations

  •   AF Good Conduct Medal
  •   National Defense Service Medal
  •   Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  •   AF Longevity Service
  •   AF Training Ribbon