Das Boot: The Director's Cut

Released in 1997, Directed by Wolfgang Petersen

Originally released in 1981, the film Das Boot is based on the true story of a German Submarine and its crew during World War II…a chillingly detailed look at the rigors of war in a U-boat. We are treated to the stark reality of submarine warfare – the hours of boredom; the camaraderie and aggravation that comes with living in close quarters; the exultation of victory when a torpedo hits its target; the stark terror of the sound of a destroyer's propeller just above; the fear of the boat being crushed by water pressure as it goes too deep.

This restored, 209-minute director's cut includes more footage from the original five-hour miniseries on which the movie was based…and offers greater insight into the leadership, professionalism, and values exhibited by the stoic U-boat captain and his submariners.

Seen from the German perspective, Das Boot: The Director's Cut helps us realize that for the man or woman on the battle lines – no matter what side – war is the same.

(German film with English subtitles)

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About The Director

Wolfgang Petersen (born 14 March 1941) is a German film director and screenwriter. He was nominated for two Academy Awards for the 1981 film Das Boot. His other films include The NeverEnding Story (1984), Enemy Mine (1985), In the Line of Fire (1993), Outbreak (1995), Air Force One (1997), The Perfect Storm (2000), Troy (2004), and Poseidon (2006).