by SSgt Jodi Martinez

A new Marine sheds a tear after earning the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor of a Marine after completing the Crucible, Sept. 13, 2014, Parris Island, S.C. The Crucible is a 54-hour training exercise in which Marine recruits test the limits of their physical, mental and emotional endurance before ending recruit training.  At the Crucible's end the recruits receive their eagle globe and anchors officially transitioning them from recruits to United States Marines. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jodi Martinez/Released)

Photographer's Narrative


The emotion that blanketed the parade field of Parris Island as recruits became Marines was enough to make me choke up alongside them. I was thankful I had a camera in front of my eyes, so no one will ever really know if I actually cried. Like most photographers I try to search for the heaviest moments. I look for happiness, sadness, frustration, and anything in between. I try to capture moments that consume me emotionally. Since becoming a photographer, I have become more sensitive and interested about the world around me.