Reading List

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List


Skunk Works

by Ben R. Rich & Leo Janos

Innovation has always been a keystone of the U.S. military, and nowhere is this more apparent than the evolution of stealth aircraft technology.  A staunch partnership between the Air Force and our industry partners started with a bold quest—make an attack aircraft with the radar cross section of a marble.  Today, we have unmatched 5th generation fighters, and our B-21 Raider will take stealth into the next century.  We must get comfortable thinking outside the box and innovating daily … this book sets the tone.


Space Barons

by Christian Davenport

Davenport weaves a very compelling narrative that leaves the reader both entertained and well-informed about what the commercial sector is doing in space and how the "Space Barons" are setting the pace for space activities today.  Nearly a half-century after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, these Space Barons-most notably Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, along with Richard Branson and Paul Allen-are using Silicon Valley-style innovation to dramatically lower the cost of space travel, and send humans even further than NASA has gone.