Reading List

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List


On China

by Henry Kissinger

China is boldly challenging U.S. and allied interests around the globe, presenting current and long-term national security concerns that our Airmen will be addressing for the foreseeable future.  In this book, one of the foremost international thinkers of our time gives us a deep, nuanced understanding of China’s critical history in foreign affairs, the role China’s leaders see the nation playing on the global stage, and some implications China’s ever-growing role will have in the global security environment in the future.


The Impossible State

by Victor Cha

The definitive account of North Korea, its veiled past and uncertain future, from the former Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council. Though it is much discussed and often maligned, precious little is known or understood about North Korea, the world's most controversial and isolated country. In "The Impossible State," seasoned international-policy expert and lauded scholar Victor Cha pulls back the curtain, providing the best look yet at North Korea's history, the rise of the Kim family dynasty, and the obsessive personality cult that empowers them.