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Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List

General David L. Goldfein

Message from the CSAF

"In 1947, our Air Force faced a rapidly changing world. Leaders like Hap Arnold and Carl Spaatz set a clear vision that helped grow the Air Force of the future. Now, we face a similar challenge as we enter an era of renewed great power competition. Our heritage of success is based on innovation, made possible by our diverse group of professional, dedicated, and warrior Airmen. Our new Reading List provides a range of professional development opportunities to refocus our thinking on the challenges that this new era brings. We must sharpen our understanding of nuclear weapons, deterrence, great power diplomacy, and future warfighting technologies. Airmen are the strength of the Air Force. I challenge each of you to take deliberate steps toward expanding your understanding of this new national security environment, the threats we will face, and the tools we will need to prevail. Your dedication and commitment to expand your understanding ensures we remain the best Air Force the world has ever seen."


David L. Goldfein
General, USAF
Chief of Staff