Reading List

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List

General David L. Goldfein

Message from the CSAF

"Since 1947, we have been breaking barriers together in defense of America and our allies. We stand on the shoulders of Airpower giants, acutely aware that our establishment as the most powerful air force in history is deeply rooted in the initiative and dedication of our Total Force Airmen to continually develop as warfighting leaders at all levels. Our new Reading List provides a range of professional development opportunities across a spectrum of media … tailorable to each Airman’s knowledge base. I challenge each of our officer, enlisted, and civilian teammates to explore this new construct and expand your understanding of our heritage, warfighting theories, and strategic environment while further cultivating your leadership skill set. Our nation, and the joint team, are counting on every Airman to be masters of Airpower. This Reading List was developed to strengthen your ability to turn challenges into opportunities going forward in defense of our nation."


David L. Goldfein
General, USAF
Chief of Staff