Reading List

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Professional Reading List


The Accidental Super Power

by Peter Ziehan

The global security environment is evolving faster than any of us can fathom, and in the coming century America will be challenged across the spectrum of conflict in ways we cannot imagine.  We must have Airmen leading our force who can quickly and deliberately synthesize a number of competing theories on the current and future state of global affairs.  This book provides a glimpse one of these possible futures, where our nation will find itself confronting a world where the global systems as we know them rapidly evolve in the face of relentless change.


The New Tsar

by Steven Lee Myers

Russia continues to challenge international norms on a number of fronts.  In the previous three years, Russia has invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, threatened NATO allies, and intervened militarily in Syria—all while growing and using cyber tools to sow discord and disruption throughout the world.  This book provides a look at their formidable leader, Vladimir Putin, and the motivations behind his actions to date as he continues to shape Russian policy.


Nothing to Envy

by Barbara Demick

North Korea is currently the most volatile and direct threat to our nation.  They are testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles at an unprecedented rate, and may soon be capable of threatening the homeland.  Unfortunately, North Korea also presents one of our greatest intelligence-gathering challenges as we develop options for our nation’s leaders.  This book gives Airmen a glimpse into life under one of the world’s most oppressive totalitarian governments %hellip; vital to understanding who we are up against and the complete devotion Kim Jong Un enjoys from a population that sees him as more deity than political leader.


On China

by Henry Kissinger

China is boldly challenging U.S. and allied interests around the globe, presenting current and long-term national security concerns that our Airmen will be addressing for the foreseeable future.  In this book, one of the foremost international thinkers of our time gives us a deep, nuanced understanding of China’s critical history in foreign affairs, the role China’s leaders see the nation playing on the global stage, and some implications China’s ever-growing role will have in the global security environment in the future.