A Message From The CMSAF

by Chief Master Sergeant of The Air Force James A. Cody

Fellow Airmen,

Every day is an opportunity to tell our Air Force story; books offer the knowledge to help appreciate and at times better understand these stories. These three books provide new perspectives. They offer new ideas on how we can connect and communicate to reach personal and professional goals.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The things I want to know are in books.” I am confident these books contain “things” worth knowing. I hope they inspire you to make your Air Force story one of the greatest ever told.

James A. Cody
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force


About Chief Master Sergeant James A. Cody

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody represents the highest enlisted level of leadership, and as such, provides direction for the enlisted force and represents their interests, as appropriate, to the American public, and to those in all levels of government. He serves as the personal adviser to the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of The Air Force on all issues regarding the welfare, readiness, morale, and proper utilization and progress of the enlisted force. Chief Cody is the 17th chief master sergeant appointed to the highest noncommissioned office position.