Art List

On The Shoulders of Giants

AF Art Collection (2013.071) by Ezra Tucker

Rickenbacker's Medal of Honor

This painting depicts the African American in the United States Air Force facing a grand endeavor that will change them and their country forever. The point-of-view of this painting is looking up and over the broad, proud, and capable shoulders of a confident, yet humble young pilot, observing his comrades-in-arms beginning to realize their dreams to fly.

Fire Over Ploesti

National Guard Image Gallery by Roy Grinnell

B-24s on Ploesti Raid

Hell’s Wench, a B-24 badly damaged by anti-aircraft artillery fire, led the 93d Bombardment Group (Heavy) in its daring low-level attack on the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, which supplied twothirds of Germany’s petroleum production at that stage of World War II. Lt. Col. Addison E. Baker, an Ohio National Guardsman who commanded the 93rd, refused to break up the lead formation by landing, and led his group to the target ...


AF Art Collection (2010.219) by Michael Backus

Fight or Flight

A group portrait of nine Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) from the WWII service period. They are standing in their winter flight gear on the flight line in front of a P-51D Mustang. The women are, from left to right: Dorothy Fulton, Katherine Thompson, Betsy Ferguson, Florene Miller, Delphine Bohn, Dorothy Scott, Terese James, Nancy Batson, and Phyllis Burchfield.

The Best Teach The Rest

AF Art Collection (2006.113) by Mia Tavonatti

Cold War 003 Corona Satellite "Film Bucket" Aerial Recovery

This painting is derived from a photograph the artist shot during a training mission at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2006. The scene depicts the 551st Search and Rescue Special Operations Squadron on board a CH-53 armored helicopter during a training mission with 10 other Air Force personnel as they make their access through the side entry.

Half Way Home, In The Arms of AFR Aeromedical Evacuation Team

AF Art Collection (2009.004) by Alexander Bostic

In His Country's Service

This is a painting of the Air Force Reserve Aeromedical Evacuation Team at Ramstein Airbase, taking the wounded from down range. This painting shows the human price paid in war and the people who are there to take care of the wounded in their time of need.

High Tech Bug Zapper

AF Art Collection (2010.071) by Norman Siegel

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It

This is the perspective from the cockpit of a C-17 during the training phase of a flight flown at 500 feet in the Alaskan summer. The artist liked the contrast between the high-tech instruments the pilots used to fly and the swarm of Alaskan insects through which they just flew..